In: GD 03 – GD Allier 15 – Cantal 63 GD – Puy -de-Dome Meeting dates: 02/06/12 (day) – 03/06/12 (day) Location: Lascelles the meeting theme will be: -The Freinet what is it?

Place: 1807 Freinet school district Wood-HEROUVILLE the Freinet group calvados finds Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 14h to 17h in Herouville Freinet school. After a joint reception, there will be two discussion groups: -a group how to start? -a group “deepen its practices” on 2 themes: explorers and math research This meeting is open to all who want to change their practices, training through cooperation, while respecting the values ??and fundamental ICEM . Add comment The ICEM-14 group is back Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 14H By Marie-Pierre Fontana on 04/09/18 – 24:48 In: GD 14 – Calvados Meeting Dates: 09/12/18 – 14: 00 – 17:00 Location: 1807 Freinet school district Bois- HEROUVILLE the Freinet calvados group is back Wednesday, September 12, 2018 from 14h to 17h at the school Freinet 1807 Wood neighborhood in Herouville.

Agenda: -establish the calendar year based on requests and suggestions expressed. -give information about the Freinet group calvados and ICEM. Add a comment Read more ICEM 14: stage start, continue Freinet By Guillaume Fourmont the 30/05/18 – 16:00 In: GD 14 – Calvados Course Dates: 08/28/18 – 09:00 – 29 / 08/18 – 16:30 Location: Freinet school 18 07 Wood, 14200 Herouville St Clair STAGE FULL – REGISTRATION CLOSES This course will alternate practices workshops, analysis time, with theoretical inputs around Freinet and dating moments and friendly exchanges.

The trainees – including the organizers – are part of a joint training process. Add a comment Read more 1 attachment ICEM-14 Meeting on artistic practices By Marie-Pierre Fontana on 29/03/18 – 3:01 p.m.

In: GD 14 – Calvados Meeting Dates: 11/04/18 – 15:30 – 17:00 Location: school Freinet 18-07 district-14200 Wood -HEROUVILLE the Freinet group calvados finds Wednesday, April 11, 2018 from 15:30 to 17h at the Freinet school Herouville to discuss: OUR PRACTICE iN ARTS PLASTICS thank you to bring books, documents, tools … that you find interesting on this subject it is also possible to propose a workshop this meeting is open to all those interested or want to discover the Freinet and movement Freinet. Add a comment Read more 50 – Manche – meeting Freinet By Guillaume Fourmont the 03/18/18 – 10:12 p.m.

In: GD 14 – GD 50 Calvados – Manche Meeting Dates: 28/03/18 – 14:00 – 16 : 30 Location: school of Periers (50) If you want to know or to continue our reflection on the Freinet pedagogy, we invite you to a meeting in primary public school Periers Wednesday, March 28 from 14h to 16h30 . Information: Add Comment 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 next> last ยป
6 Results GD15 – Meeting on 8 April in the Vebret By Olivier Regnier 03/26/17 – 10:56 p.m. In: GD 15 – Cantal Meeting Dates: 08/04/17 – 10:00 – 18:00 Place: School Vebret Hello to you all, the GD15 offers to meet you Saturday, April 8th from 10am to school Vebret (sector Ydes / Riom-es-Montagnes).

The theme of the day will involve the use of the dictionary as part of the production of writings from kindergarten to CM2. This meeting is open to all! A cooperative meal will be shared lunch. If you want more information, you can reach us by mail at a comment Presentation of ICEM group GD15 By Gilles Rouchet the 03/04/12 – 24:41 In: GD 15 – Cantal presentation Group Meeting In Cantal we are ten teachers to practice FP.

1 comment Read more Appointments July 3 By Gilles Rouchet on 05/06/13 – 9:38 p.m. In: GD 15 – Cantal Dates: 03/07/13 (day) Location: North Cantal The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 3 afternoon (location to be confirmed) discussion topic: evaluation Add comment ICEM group Meeting 15 by Gilles Rouchet on 06/05/13 – 9:33 p.m. in: GD 15 – Cantal Meeting dates: 04/20/13 (day) Location: Wood Lempre members of ICEM 15 group meet in the school of a colleague all day.

It will address the group’s life, to take stock of our e-mail list, discover Coop Icem, to update the group’s library and discuss specific topics proposed by members. The head of GD 15 Add Comment weekend Regional Meeting of June 2 and 3 at Lascelles in Cantal By Gilles Rouchet on 03/05/12 – 5:11 p.m. In: GD 03 – GD Allier 15 – Cantal 63 GD – Puy -de-Dome Meeting dates: 02/06/12 (day) – 03/06/12 (day) Location: Lascelles the meeting theme will be: -The Freinet what is it?

Historically Fundamental Principles. -How to start in Freinet? -Various workshops are planned: free text (how why ….) natural method reading, musical tales (of the invention to production) -Presentation tool For information and to register or “ICEM group 15 “ or 04 71 64 09 93 1 comment Departmental Group Cantal – ICEM 15 By Gilles Rouchet 31/03/12 – 12:17 In: GD 15 – Cantal dates: 31/03/12 (day) Location: Aurillac GD 15 is pleased to now be listed on the national site! To contact the GD 15, send a message to 2 comments

1 result Results Building in special education – No. 8 1975-1976 No. 39 In: school level> Special Education Special Education Building in CEL For teachers review French> Scripture-reading Science and Techno> Technologies Math May 1976 handicraft (4) Authors: A. Bourgasser, A. Hecq Bernard Heurtaux, C. Chiland Evelyne Villebasse F. Rivault, Mr. Sanchez, Ms.

Messana, and T. Peter Yvin neelz more
1 result Results Resources and symbolic indigence to school In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers journal Education and Research> Research in June 2001 “… Mom, I can not go back i need homework help
to school because the school is teaches me things I do not know. “Mr.

Duras The summer rain. I am among those who had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the republican school. Res publica: the “public thing” cultural entity par excellence, a sign that there is a public area and a private area in human societies.

And the republican school, first clash with public era, saved me from the home confinement and received ideas. Luckily this environment was not toxic and in a good part of my close school was honored. They said she allowed to “learn”, it allowed access to “education,” what my ancestors were denied because of their social status. Those whose words meant to me made up for this lack by reading to glean knowledge that can feed their criticism against conventional wisdom.

Experience had taught them that they were often wrong. “Learn to be something,” my uncle said. The school is well run came as a “symbolic third party” between my original environment and the unknown … I had the chance to meet with some figures who were able to support my desire.

The others made me dumb and stupid. Author: Charlotte Herfray More
How I work in my class In: The slice of life Educator CEL For teachers reviewed October 1949 Author: Lechevallier More BENP No. 69 – Unique Classes In: Brochures Education Popular New Editions of the Modern French School for teachers review teaching techniques> class organization> multi-age class in February 1952 Authors: Corsaut, Grosjean and R. Lechevallier Finelle more

In: For students> Elementary For students> College For Students> For high school teachers Software Arts> Visual Arts download free LazPaint January 2015 is a processing software for simple and efficient image to the creations and alterations to pictures – wand – size and crop – rotation – brightness / contrast – color balance, sharpening – layer management … This is a free, cross-platform software (Windows / Mac / Linux). Download: Official site LazPaint a comment

2 Results The Red Squirrel In: Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth February 2009 red squirrel inhabits the woods, but also large wooded gardens, even in the cities; who is he ? An article produced by students of the college Commynes Philippe in Tours.

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